Law enforcement in Sedgwick county, Kansas, is a clear and present danger to human life.

By: Matthew Brooks Dodson
(Wichita)The Imaginews Report™

6 December 2018


In my opinion, and in the opinion of many Wichita residents, The Wichita Police Department is much worse than Mafia enforcers. Last year, we had Officer Justin Rapp murder Andrew Finch, using his trusty high powered rifle, FROM ACROSS THE STREET OF A SWATTING CALL, for which he showed absolutely zero remorse and sorrow for his actions. In public records, Wichita officers near the front porch of the home where Mr Finch was murdered stated that they saw NO VIABLE THREAT posed by Mr Finch. Was Justin Rapp simply trigger happy? Was he seeking glory? Did he panic?  Does he simply enjoy shooting people?  Those are answers we will probably never know.

In another case, earlier this year, we had two Wichita officers illegally disable the home security camera on the front porch of a Wichita citizen. Their excuse? They stated that they were “afraid of being ambushed”! Funny, though, they didn’t make an emergency call to dispatch & request backup or a Tactical Support Unit.

The security camera video showed them acting calm, cool and collected. If they REALLY thought their lives were in jeopardy from being ambushed by the homeowner, their demeanor and actions would have been much, much different.

One must conclude that both the state sanctioned murder of Andrew Finch, and the disabling of a home security camera, were both probably justified using the “doctrine”, not LAW, of “Qualified Immunity”. This legal doctrine allows police officers to do just about anything in the course of their duties, (actions either legal or illegal for a private citizen to do), without fear of prosecution or criminal charges. Qualified Immunity is a legal doctrine that is used, far too often, as the excuse to justify many, many illegal and/or immoral actions by police departments, including murder.  It is a nationwide problem.

I know of several other cases that didn’t make the news, but are equally as egregious and reprehensible, that involve either Wichita Police officers or Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Deputies. There appears to be a department wide, systemic problem with out of control police officers in Wichita, including the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s department.

Law Enforcement in Wichita seem to have a “me cop, you do what I say or ELSE” attitude, as well as a “I am a cop and I will do whatever I damn well please” attitude. Again, they justify their attitudes and actions with “qualified immunity”. It’s long past time for that antiquated legal doctrine to be abolished.

Fellow Wichitans, how many more Andrew Finch’s is it gonna take for us to demand the police start behaving like the public servants they are, instead of like prison guards? How long before YOUR home security system will be disabled just because an officer “feels” like he “needs” to disable YOUR home security system to avoid being “ambushed”?


©2018, Matthew Brooks Dodson, The Imaginews Report™

Permission is given to freely distribute this article by any means, electronic or print, providing the author is attributed in your distribution.


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