14 January 2019

Rev. Matthew Brooks Dodson

(Wichita) The Imaginews Report™

We currently have a HUGE disconnect in the (so called) “justice” system here in Wichita, as this man (Justin Terrazas) hits and injures a member of the militarized police state, and gets 28 years. Yet, killer cop Justin Rapp murders an innocent Wichita citizen, Andrew Finch, (with the help of his trusty high powered rifle from across the street), and, of course, gets off totally free. Where is the justice in this? Where? If “Qualified Immunity” was the driving reason for not charging Rapp, it’s a weak reason to let a murderer go free. We have, here, alterity in it’s truest form.

Another Justin, Justin Rapp, should be behind bars for the murder of Andy Finch…but instead, he’s roaming the streets of our city, armed, and possibly looking for his next victim. How do we know he’s not, as he’s killed once already?

I believe the citizens of Wichita should be afraid, VERY afraid, with Rapp on our streets clutching his trusty high powered rifle. Rapp should be disarmed, immediately and without delay. Shiny little Badges don’t grant extra rights…or, at least, they shouldn’t.

The very difficult and disturbing question on the minds of many citizens of our city is this: Is Justin Rapp another Dennis Rader? Is the “taste” of killing another human being too pleasant for Justin Rapp to resist killing again? After all, he’s publicly expressed NO remorse or sorrow for his despicable actions on 28 Dec 2017. As an Ordained Minister, I find that fact both shocking and extremely rebarbative, as this could be an indication of a sociopath with an amoral conscience. If indeed Rapp is a sociopath, he would not be the first person with a badge to be hiding in plain sight, as evidenced by Dennis Rader.

I do not trust or have any confidence in the Wichita Police Department…and I’m not the only one in our city that doesn’t trust the Wichita Police, or any law enforcement agency, period. Citizens should not be treated like inmates in a prison, as we are now, by the increasingly militarized police state, clutching the antiquated legal doctrine of “Qualified Immunity” to justify their objectionable, and often illegal, actions. On average in the United States, police shoot and kill three citizens every day, as police are much too trigger happy with both firearms and tasers, not to mention brutal and unnecessary physical force at the drop of the proverbial hat.

“To serve and protect” no longer applies to law enforcement. It’s motto should be “To subdue and abuse”. This madness needs to stop.

©2019, Matthew Brooks Dodson, The Imaginews Report™


Permission is given to freely distribute this article by any means, electronic or print, providing the author is attributed in your distribution.


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