Matthew Brooks Dodson

The Imaginews Report™ (Wichita)

28 May 2019



The murder of Andy Finch in 2017 and the murder of two innocent citizens in Houston, Texas on 28 Jan of this year are just two…out of many…glaring examples that show police are serial liars and cannot be trusted to self-report anything, much less when they kill human beings. In this case, the only part of their story we should believe is that they were there.

The police state is on a CYA “cover your ass” mission 24/7. Because of the absurd, outdated and very harmful legal doctrine known as “Qualified Immunity”, police have the legal authority to shoot and kill anyone, at anytime and for any reason. If you don’t believe me, please look it up for yourself.

Our (Wichita) Police Chief, Gordon Ramsay, dislikes me immensely for being critical of the thuggish actions of law enforcement, and has told me so. He has even gone so far as to block me on his twitter account, and won’t return my phone calls, faxes, postal letters or email. Is that transparency? Trust?

Those entrusted with the legal authority to KILL other human beings need better oversight. They need to be responsible to those who pay their wages and fund their activities. The fiasco of Officer “trusty high powered rifle” Justin Rapp, who murdered Wichita citizen Andrew Finch, proves my point. The Wichita Police department lied about what happened, and is still attempting to both cover up their actions and silence those who know the truth.

I, personally, have been told by ex cops here in Sedgwick County that I had better watch my back, for I may find myself on the receiving end of a bogus and trumped up charge. It is so very sad when a citizen who is critical of our police department needs to “watch his back”…it’s almost like I am living in the shadow of the old East German STASI or the USSR Secret Police, both of whom were known to “disappear” citizens who disagreed with the police state. What’s next…must we shout “Sieg Heil” every time we see an officer?

©2019, Matthew Brooks Dodson, The Imaginews Report™

Permission is given to freely distribute this article by any means, electronic or print, providing the author is attributed in your distribution.


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