Matthew Brooks Dodson
The Imaginews Report™
3 August 2019

Concerning the media coverage of the recent mass shooting in El Paso:

Here we go again with the hero worship of police! Police are not heros! When police are not busy abusing, brutalizing, tasing and murdering innocent people, once in a great while they actually earn their keep.

The police in this situation are no more of a hero than a plumber fixing a leaky pipe or a dog catcher containing a rabid dog! They are paid, and obligated to, respond to situations that endanger the public.

Our society very much needs to “cease and desist” the hero worship of all things cop! It is quite dangerous, as police are not the savior of society. Police hire on, and are paid, to perform a function. In the case of police, it is supposed to be public safety, so WHY do we venerate and worship them for actually doing their job? Is it “Stockholm Syndrome”?

I am extremely critical of police, and I admit that. Our Wichita police chief, Gordon Ramsay, does not care for me because of my critical accounting of police, and he has personally told me so. He has even blocked me on his Twitter account, and refuses to respond to my letters, phone calls, faxes or emails. Am I such a threat to Chief Ramsay that he must have this attitude toward me, just because I am ‘critical’ of police?

I feel that we, as citizens, MUST be very critical of those who have the legal authority to cage us and/or kill us anytime, anywhere and for any reason…police have wide latitude for using deadly force, and all they need is to utter these 7 words to ‘justify’ killing another human being:

“I was in fear for my life”. Usually, that statement is preceded by this statement: “He failed to obey my commands”!

That’s about all it takes for police to pull the rabbit called “QUALIFIED IMMUNITY” out of the justification hat, and it usually works, too. If you are not familiar with “Qualified Immunity”, in short it is:

“Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine in United States federal law that shields government officials from being sued for discretionary actions performed within their official capacity, unless their actions violated “clearly established” federal law or constitutional rights”.

Lastly, keep this in mind: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away”!

©2019, Matthew Brooks Dodson, The Imaginews Report™
Permission is given to freely distribute this article by any means, electronic or print, providing the author is attributed in your distribution.

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