Chief, I would like to meet with you, but I must honestly state that I am more than apprehensive about such a meeting.  Perhaps what you are about to read will shed some light on why I feel as I do:

First, I think you will find that I am not the evil, sadistic, hate filled, cop loathing monster many have made me out to be (responding to my posts on Social Media, esp. about Andrew Finch and Justin Rapp).
As a matter of fact, two separate (former) LEO’s (from two different cities and two different departments), have warned me that I am on some type of “watch list” at both the WPD and the SCSO…and that I need to be very careful, as I understand some officers would like nothing more than to see me in jail…for whatever reason that can be found to do so.
I find those “warnings” extremely disturbing, for if a citizen cannot both criticize apparent corruption and wrong doing in our law enforcement entities, , and expose what goes on in the very agencies that have the legal authority to jail and kill us (as citizens “watching the guardians)””, we no longer live in a civil and polite society. It also beckons of the old world tactics of both Stalin’s USSR and of the East German STASI.  Historically, a democratic society, with a true representative form of government, has only managed to survive, on average, about 200 years, because of internal corruption and moral decay.
For reasons that should be extremely obvious, my arrest and incarceration in a mental health hellhole, for six demoralizing days in April of 2017, because of a complete and total falsehood (perpetrated by a man who has had ill will and harsh opinions of me for well over 30 years), has created  a total and complete lack of trust in the  “judicial system” and the agents of that system, namely, law enforcement.
Please know this: because of the total, complete and baseless allegation made by DAVID PAUL GRIFFIN in 2017, and my subsequent arrest and involuntary incarceration in a Via Christi mental health hellhole (in which, FYI, I was assaulted by a staff member, and warned to not report it or communicate what happened….or my life and reputation would be violated to the point that my life would never be that same, and that my incarceration in the “mental health system” would be very greatly drawn out and prolonged.  As I was threatened, and believed the threat, I said nothing then).
IMPORTANT:  Because of my arrest (more akin to a felony takedown…because of a lie that was told which said I was ‘impersonating an FBI agent’….all because the folks involved were anti gun and disliked my carrying a weapon)… and because of my unjust incarceration, my 87 year old mother, who was in a nursing home at the time of my arrest, had a stroke because of all of the unjust and undue stress caused to me and to my family, and suffered greatly for several months before she died a very horrible and painful death.  The “Justice-Mental health-legal system”, effectively murdered my Mother.  MURDERED HER.  The last months of her life were agonizing beyond comprehension of the average human being.
Before this unjust and nightmarish series of events happened to me, and killed my mother, I had a VERY different view of “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal System”.  I realize now that both are about as corrupt as corrupt can be.  Also, as a result of all this hell in my life, I suffered a cardiac event in 2017, and now suffer from what can best be described as PTSD.  When I worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, I witnessed a man get shot, bleed out and die.  THAT event did not adversely affect me as much as what I have been going through in my life since that awful and terrible day in April of 2017, when I was taken into custody by multiple officers of the WPD…for a complete and total lie.   My life will NEVER BE THE SAME.  NEVER.
And, Chief Ramsay, I have one question for you:
Why did one of the arresting officers find it necessary to place, in his official arrest report, that I had Ham Radio Equipment in my home?  I am a Federally Licensed Amateur Radio operator (My callsign is W5JN) and, I am also an award winning former Radio Operator for the United States Air Force MARS (Military Affiliate Radio Service), (My former USAF official callsign was: AFB4FL, issued from the Air Force Communications Command at Scott AFB, IL)?  I have inquired, at least twice. for an explanation. I have not so much as received any official reply.  It’s as if my concern is of zero consequence to your department.
As a Minister, I welcome you to change my mind.  I welcome you to change my belief system that forever changed on about 8 April 2017. 
“Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes”?

©2019, Matthew Brooks Dodson, The Imaginews Report™

Permission is given to freely distribute this article by any means, electronic or print, providing the author is attributed in your distribution.

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